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Court Acceptance Guaranteed offers online mandatory parent education classes for parents raising children between multiple homes due to family transitions such as divorce or separation or for those who are interested in learning better co-parenting and coping skills.


Online co-parenting classes meet national standards for parallel parenting due to divorce, separation, those remarrying or other multiple home situations for families in transition. Children and family stabilization court approved online parenting classes satisfy education requirements and are widely accepted by courts. Whether you are a single parent, dealing with divorce, separation, a blended family or otherwise, you will find online parenting, anger management and co parenting classes a great resource in learning better parenting and communication skills. Review our classes and pricing.

Over 10,000 parents have taken a online parenting class. Mandatory parent education classes are court ordered during separation, divorce or parental conflict. Classes may also be taken to enhance personal and parenting skills. Classes come with a Certi-ficate of Completion. Register NOW




Discounts offered to Military & Veterans is proud to offer a discount on any of our classes to all those who serve our country, veterans included!

This online parenting class for divorcing parents is a nationally recognized program. Divorce classes are designed to educate co parents regarding issues children face when their family situation changes. Classes teach co parents how to help children adjust in a healthy way to divorce or living apart from a parent. We review information about children's developmental stages, helping children adjust to parent separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for visitation, parenting plans, and stress reduction for children.


Study on your schedule

Determine when and where you want to take the online classes! Make the most of your time! has a liberal log in and log out feature that allows you to work and progress in the course at your convenience. Each class is programmed to return to the exact spot you last completed.


Court Acceptance Guaranteed

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all classes. In the event your certificate is not accepted, please contact us and we will research to validate with your county. If we cannot help you, we will offer a refund. Please review our Online Guarantee Policy for more details.


Nationwide certification is now approved in more states than any other online co-parenting provider. Online parenting classes satisfy national standards for a co-parenting education. Online parenting classes are widely accepted by county courts; however, if you are court ordered to take a parenting class, it is always best to check family court in your area to verify their acceptance of an online course. Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements.


When will I get my certificate?

IMMEDIATELY! Included with all Online Parenting Programs are your downloadable certificates. Once you complete your parenting program you will be able to immediately download and print out your certificate. Simply login from your “My Profile” and click on the “Get Certificate”.



Online Parenting Classes

Our online parenting classes are ideal for families needing to fulfill a requirement for court, those seeking personal growth, parallel parent or as part of a custody agreement, for social services and other related agencies. Nationally accepted, online parenting classes are the most widely accepted parenting programs in the country. Excellent learning experience for co parents seeking to deepen their understanding of the core concepts of being a quality co parent.


Online Anger Management for Co Parents

Our online anger management classes teach strategies that enable co parents to control their anger in the face of conflict. We focus on developing the ability to understand the perspective of others, to be aware of your emotional and physical state when you are angry and learn self-control along with relaxation techniques.


Learn more / Retain it longer

Taking this co-parenting class online allows you the freedom to determine your time schedule. You are in control of your progress and the schedule! Taking the online program when you are ready and prepared will enable you to learn more information and retain it longer. This course will provide you a great opportunity to succeed, gain valuable parenting tools and co-parenting skills.


Extended customer support offers multiple ways to contact us with questions or concerns related to our online parenting programs. Please use the "contact us" form, call our toll free number, or chat with us online. We offer extended customer support hours to fit your busy schedule.


Successful results designed these co-parenting programs to create an experience that will provide co-parents with new tools to better communicate and create a positive family environment. Parents in over 500 counties in all 50 states across the nation have participated in OnlineParentingPrograms Online Educational Programs. Read what they have to say.


Keys to success

We want you to succeed! Often, parents are ordered by the court to take a parenting class as a requirement for divorce proceedings. offers classes designed to meet these requirements at your convenience. This program assists you in reducing conflict, building better communication, developing closer relationships between parents and children, reducing stress and allowing for a better adjustment throughout the different stages of divorce. This class satisfies the national standards of a co-parenting education and family stabilization course and is widely accepted by courts.

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