Alabama Professional License Defense


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Alabama Professional License Defense


Professional Licensing Representation -  Your License Is Your Livelihood.


Professionals work long and hard to acquire their credentials.  Years of education, thousands of dollars towards tuition, and an enormous effort are essential building blocks for a career, and a lifetime of earnings.  A threat to that license is a threat to a career.     Licenses are granted and regulated by government agencies at the State and Federal levels, working under complicated laws and regulations. 


Licensing agencies have the power to suspend and revoke licenses.  With so much on the line, get the representation you need.   Let Robert Lusk help protect your rights and livelihood. 


Robert has years of experience in the representation of licensed professionals facing investigation and challenges that could jeopardize their professional licenses. Robert has the experience working with State investigatory entities. Robert has the insight and experience of practicing before the Office of Administrative Hearings and the experience for appealing licensing determinations to Alabama's courts.


One cannot overstate the importance of having experienced counsel.  Robert is very well qualified in this practice area.  Crucial decisions based on seasoned advice must be made at every step.  Too often, professionals engage counsel too late.  Don’t let this happen to you.  A professional should not wait until a hearing is set or a court is involved to engage legal counsel.  Contact Robert Lusk at (251) 471.8017 now.




























Alabama Professional License Defense Attorney -  If you have been accused of misconduct and your professional license is at risk, you do need legal assistance.  Every area of your case will be evaluated, such as what actions led to such an accusation and any statements from witnesses that can help in your case. To get started today, call (251) 471-8017 and learn about your rights, your options, and get answers to your questions.